Entry #3

Zelda Lost Woods Series

2013-09-10 03:57:07 by Brakkenimation

I recently completed the third and final picture in a series of Lost Woods drawings.

Each of them aims to interpret the Hylian forest in a different way, while still expressing that feeling of labyrinthine eeriness.

I'd love to hear which is your favourite! What you think works and doesn't work. What helps or hurts each image.

Check 'em out here:
Return To Lost
Tread Carefully

And feel free to tell me your thoughts below :)


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2013-09-10 04:44:23

Actually, I like them in the order you've listed them. Hard to pin down specifics on why, though I think the perspective in Grove... isn't exactly forced, just seems unattractive somehow. As part of a series, they all gel quite well!


2013-09-10 17:38:51

I really like it, it feels magic like every game frome "The Legend of Zelda" universe although the second drawing is quite dark !


2014-05-15 13:48:44

i cant say i have a favorite out of the three you made. though i do love grove for some reason or another. Probably due to how it gives you a feeling as if you the viewer have become an enemy and your now targeting link (but trying to pick your moment to strike). Though again all three are pretty amazing so keep up the amazing work!


2014-09-26 19:21:09

They are all really cool!